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About Indian Springs Whitetail Preserve

Whitetail Deer are one of Americas most sought after big game animals. Here at Indian Springs Preserve we specialize in just that, we have a young herd of Whitetail Deer of exceptional genetics that have been managed for years. We take pride in that we only stock Whitetail Deer in the preserve making your experience with us very special. You will see a lot of Deer in all categories of size from "Typical" to "Non-Typical" categories.

Owners & Guides - Jack Street (left) and Troy Gann (right)

We hunt out of tree stands and blinds large enough to accommodate 2 or more people. Hunters are welcome to use any acceptable firearm as long as they can hit their target. We are mostly a timbered preserve so most shots will be less than 75 yards, however there are a couple of fence line shots that may require a much farther shot. Our policy is if you draw blood you own the Deer. There is a firing range near the preserve where we highly recommend you verify your accuracy before you hunt.

While hunting, your guide will be with you to help ensure accurate yardage and will do his best to film your shot as well as your hunting experience. The Deer here are not hunted over grain. The hunting is much the same as you would do anywhere else in a natural setting. Come join us for a hunting experience that will last a lifetime!


Jack Street - 573-856-4618

For more information on our hunting policies and pricing information visit our Pricing Page.